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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Dinosaur in the boot


There is a commercial on TV now advertising a “tough” 4wd. To demonstrate the point the commercial implies the owner has a huge crocodile named “Boris” as a pet, who naturally he tells to get in to the boot.

Now, the owner of “Boris” has nothing on this guy, who as you clearly can see carries a pet dinosaur in the back of his van.

Face to face with a dinosaur


OK, having a dinosaur’s head that close to my lens was a bit of a surprise but who says you can only photograph cats and dogs (typical/anecdotal shots for first time digital camera owners). This rather large dinosaur was really popular with the mobile phone camera snappers. It took me good 5 minutes to get a clean shot otherwise I always ended up with a hand holding a mobile right in front of me.