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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Another dust storm reaches NSW


New dust storm has hit NSW this morning. It was not as severe as the one pictured here from 23rd of September, never the less the visibility has been greatly reduced and the duct particles were easily detectable during breathing. Authorities issued another health warning for the asthmatics.

Scientists are afraid the dust storm has originated from Woomera in South Australia, where the uranium is mined, thus raising a possibility the dust may carry radioactive particles. If proven true this would indeed be a serious health hazard for everyone in NSW and QLD.

Face masks order of the day as Sydney faces dust storm


Although by midday the dust settled a lot many people, including this couple, in Sydney streets opted to wear face masks as the dust made the breathing very uncomfortable.

I have noticed almost all sellers of “The Big Issue” were equipped with face masks too, as they spend countless ours outdoors trying to make a leaving by selling the newspaper. I have asked one of them for a photograph but he declined.