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Ted Szukalski

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Jennifer Hawkins strips for womens magazine


Former Miss Universe, Australian model Jennifer Hawkins has captured some media spotlight by posing nude for a women’s magazine. Jennifer’s photograph was published apparently without any retouching. Media quotes Jennifer Hawkins saying “I didn’t do this for PR – I did it to raise awareness for the Butterfly Foundation which helps men and women with eating disorders,”

I have photographed Jennifer Hawkins at a couple of occasions and I must saying she is genuinely a very lovely person first and a fantastic model. One cannot blame her for being genetically gifted. Why would you?

As for the nude photograph – it is very carefully arranged to be tasteful, not too reveling and somehow modest. If these un-airbrushed images were intended to show Jennifer Hawkins can look no matter what, they certainly succeeded. If they earned few dollars for the “Butterfly Foundation” the eating disorder foundation even better.

The public outcry in some media, envy outbursts by other models and reserved response from business partner MAYER are just a storm in a tea cup.