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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Antipodium fashion


Here is a first set of fashion photographs I have taken at the 2009 Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival.

Antipodium fashion label was established in 2006. It began with a one-off collection for London’s Antipodium boutique. Finch and company founder Ashe Peacock and his sister Fenella, to combine their designs with her experience and create a new range for the store. Antipodium gained an instant popularity and the trio turned their attentions to the project full-time. In each of their five major collections Antipodium has remained true to a simple aesthetic: unique, beautiful pieces that are clever, remarkably cool and undeniably sexy.

You can see a more extensive collection in of photograph in the Antipodium fashion gallery



Icebreaker is not a ship designed for arctic expeditions, nor is it a formula for meeting the members of the opposite sex.

Icebreaker is a New Zealand clothing company specialising in adventure gear. Their garments are made out of Merino wool and apparently are the best in the world. At almost $130 a simple T-Shirt you would expect to get something really special.

The photographs in the Icebreaker Fashion Gallery were taken during World Expeditions promotion in Sydney’s Martin Place. The show was quite fun and true to the formula point the camera at a model and they will pose the models provided me with quite a lot of good shots.