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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



Icebreaker is not a ship designed for arctic expeditions, nor is it a formula for meeting the members of the opposite sex.

Icebreaker is a New Zealand clothing company specialising in adventure gear. Their garments are made out of Merino wool and apparently are the best in the world. At almost $130 a simple T-Shirt you would expect to get something really special.

The photographs in the Icebreaker Fashion Gallery were taken during World Expeditions promotion in Sydney’s Martin Place. The show was quite fun and true to the formula point the camera at a model and they will pose the models provided me with quite a lot of good shots.

Models Gallery


I have created a new photographic gallery called models . Most of the photographs in this gallery were taken during recent Erina Fair Wedding Wonderland show. I have to admit the conditions were not photographer friendly with dim light and difficult access.

I have attempted to create a variety of effects in post processing. The photos were converted from raw using Bible Pro and touched up with Photoshop CS. I have used 2 of my favourite plug-ins: PowerRetouche and Nik Color Fx. The girls are glamorous and I hope you’ll enjoy this new fashion gallery .