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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Suburban House Fire Pictorial


This fire allegedly was started by the son of the house owners who was playing with fire in garage. The fire has spread very quickly and was fueled by some items stored in that garage. Fire brigades had a difficult time extinguishing it as they had to wait first for the gas and electricity to be turned off. By the time the fire was gone the house sustained visible structural damage.

I looked how hard the firefighters worked and how they were affected by the smoke and the fact they had to work in the heavy gear. I have never seen a fire and the work of fireman from that close. It is a much more complex operation than just arriving and spraying lots of water on the fire.

I hope this pictorial shows some of the aspects of fire fighting, team effort, exhaustion and various other elements of firemen’s tasks.

Peats Ridge after a fire


According to the NSW Rural Fire Service the Peats Ridge fire started on 7 February 2009 and at 3:40pm and has burned approximately 280ha of bush land in the Brisbane Waters National Park. The rain over last two days helped a bit and there is not even a smoke coming from this sizable fire. The site looks barren, black and unfriendly. Similarly to the major Victorian fires there is a suspicions this fire was deliberately lit.

One of our friends lives on a property only few kilometers down the road and he said seeing the thick smoke advancing towards them was very frightening. I visited his property only a weekend ago and it looked very dry. I think most of the owners around the area are prising the Rural Fire Service as the fires here are tragedy waiting to happen.