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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



This photograph of a drunk, homeless man may put you in a very uncomfortable position. I was not sure if I should take the photograph in the first place but in the end decided to “cover” his eyes for some anonymity.

What compelled me to take this photograph is a dilemma facing many people, who feel for the homeless and their plea for help. It is not unusual to see them with a simple sign “I’m hungry”. So, many people will drop that silver or gold coin into their box.

Many homeless will buy food, but even more will do what this man did – buy alcohol and get totally drunk. Often I see a whole group of them around railway station with the beer bottles in their hands.

I think the money would be better spend if people would donate them to charities, which look after the homeless. At least then you know some good will come out of it.

Uninvited guests


I was invited today to join a friend of mine for lunch. Just a simple get together to talk few things out. We know each other for over 8 years and yet in that time we only managed lunch together twice.

We got a table at one of the Hungry Mile restaurants. The place was busy thus we shared the table with a couple of business men. Service was rather slow but it almost did not matter as we had a good conversation going.

After a while the two businessmen left and suddenly for a moment our table turned in to a scene from Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. A menacing horde of hungry seagulls decided to help themselves to the food scraps left by our lunch companions. They were not deterred by our presence at all bringing quite a sudden end to what was otherwise a very nice lunch.