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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Girl friends


Photograph of three Asian girls crossing the road and sharing some funny topic. It was an obvious topic for a street photograph. The interaction between the girls was great and they seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. Two of them had heavy luggage with them while the third girl just joined them seconds before the lights turned green. Seems this was a girl friends reunion of some sorts.

Technically there are isometric elements in this composition. Taken at 45 degrees the photo captures the girls, who themselves walked in a triangular arrangement, against the backdrop of buildings which also expose the same angle view. It was a tricky situation as having the girls in a triangle it was difficult to have them all in the view at the same time.

Woman with a big earring


I have taken very few photographs in last three weeks. Partially because I have been rather busy lately and partially because I do not want to photograph the same “characters” I come across Sydney everyday.

I was very glad to have spotted this woman with a big earring having a conversation on her mobile. She sat in the middle of Pitt Street Mall and watched the crowds pass by while she was talking to someone. As you can see from this photograph she was very animated and expressive and it seems the conversation was fun too.