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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Inner city apartment 2


Some time ago I have captured a photograph of homeless man sleeping in a window of a building in Sydney and I have titled it “Inner city apartment“. Few days ago, as I was rushing to catch my train home, I have noticed the same homeless man sleeping in an alcove of a garage door, which looked a lot more sheltered, was lit and looked even more like a livable space for homeless.

Metal door abstract


This photograph of a metal door was a bit of a find for me. I was returning from my walk and selected to take a short cut through a back alley near the office.

I placed my backpack on the ground to pack the camera away, when I noticed the light on the metal garage door gave a peculiar colour reflection. I could not be certain but it seems the colour came from the building on the opposite side of the alley.

Using the left edge as a focal point I positioned the lens in such way that it created a radial effect, going from strong and decisive shapes and textures of the metal elements into a light point with a tinge of reflected light. I reviewed the photograph – shutter speed 1/10th of a second. That is not an easy time to hand hold a shot but it worked just fine.