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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Calling you


Every person I have tried to photograph today was busy on their mobile phone. Isn’t it strange that a generation ago a mobile phone was a sci-fi fantasy and now it is such a commonly used everyday item.

The rapidly advancing smart phones are also changing the the telecommunication device into a portable business, entertainment and information hub. Phones such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry are still on an expensive side but I am sure the competition will bring these price down fairly soon.

Artistic bummer


Another artistic controversy fizzes out as the Classification Board classifies the photograph of Olympia Nelson on the cover of of Art Monthly magazine. The board decided the magazine is not suitable for children and rated it M (for mature audiences).

I really wonder what part of public this so called “public outcry” comes from. An average person, even if they are not into art has seen countless paintings of naked bodies. There are naked sculptures all around the world, just like the one of the young boy pictured here from a National Trust owned Everglades garden in Leura. These paintings and sculptures do not come with any ratings and yet they are commonly accepted, more to the point they are admired.

So, what suddenly makes contemporary art any different from the art created prior to current generation?