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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Photographer and model in George Street


This photograph of a photographer taking photograph of a model with tattooed stars on her arm in the George Street reminds me of a dialog I had recently on an Internet forum on subject of street photography.

One of the studio photographers in response to the claim that street photographers meet a lot of people responded that he too meets a lot of people in the street and than … he takes them to the studio to take photographs. There is something tragic and yet funny at the same time that he could not comprehend how talking a person from the street into a studio would remove any authentic character from the person.

The scene of the attractive model in light dress on a cold day is the opposite situation. Here is a studio taken into the street to get some “urban” credence. Will it work? Only if you take photographs for glossy magazines, where reality doesn’t rate.

Asian girl running in the city


Today was not a good weather for photography or for walking in general. Firstly we had few showers which transformed to full rain by late afternoon. I have managed to take a few photographs, amongst them this dynamic capture of an Asian girl running along George Street. Large crowd gathered on the opposite side of the pedestrian crossing attracted by free burgers on offer by large International burger company. Having so many motionless people in the background ads contrast to the running girl.