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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Girl with folded arms


Today was a beautiful day, sunny with mild temperature, simply perfect for a walk. I only had a little time so I decided for a quick walk to Town Hall via Pitt Street and back to the office. I took a couple of photographs and I was going through the Pitt Street Mall.

At the very entry to it a couple of girls had a visibly friendly chat. While there were enjoying themselves talking and laughing they created a little barricade making everyone else to go around them. A bit inconsiderate considering how many people pass through that space. I must admit I did not mind for it made a good photo subject plus the girl with folded hands and her broad, beautiful smile completed the photo very nicely.

Long stride


I was returning from my walk along Market Street when I have noticed a very attractive young woman walking towards me in blue, over sized boots. She was very slim and pale and those big, vivid blue boots seemed so at odds with her delicate frame. This was even more noticeable as she came closer. She was not walking, she was taking huge strides.