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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Google Chrome OS – operating system of the future?


What is no surprise to anyone interested in technology Google has announced a new operating system to rival Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Linux.

The new operating System is called Google Chrome OS and intends to be a lightweight, web centric with speed, simplicity and security as its the key attributes.

Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010 and as everything else Google has done to date it will change the world as we know it.

Today’s photograph comes from Sydney’s Martin Place. I really lied the disproportion between the dominating buildings and small, but central human figures. A young couple on the bench sharing lunch and some conversation.

It is interesting how the curved tower on the right and leaning plants on the left seem to embrace this scene.

Woman reading newspaper


I guess this photograph of an Asian woman reading the newspaper is a good opportunity for a quick news round up:

  • Interest rates are down by 100 percentage points as the Reserve Bank tries to help with increasing economic downturn. let’s hope the banks pass this directly to the consumers
  • Kevin Rudd splashes another 12 billion dollars in cash to low income earners. In practice, a lot of this money will end up with long-term unemployed, who choose not to work and have not contributed to the economy ever. They will spend it on drugs, alcohol, and gambling. I personally think such handout should go back to taxpayers via a tax cut for working people, who do contribute to the economy.
  • Rafael Nadal wins Australian Open
  • Damages caused by heat wave in South East of Australia cost in estimated at a billion dollars. At the same time Western Europe is in the grasps of the coldest and most severe winter in decades. And there are people still in denial about the climate change.
  • Australian dollar has lost one cent every day in last week as investors worldwide locate their money in … US dollar. Yes, for some twisted reason the money is flowing USA way, even though the current economic crisis was caused by the USA economy.
  • We are now in the Chinese year of the Ox.
  • Google marks every website in the world as dangerous courtesy of slack programming / data validation