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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Beautiful Couple


Today was a rainy day and I contemplated not going for my daily walk. Cameras and rain do not mix unless you are lucky enough to own one of the weather sealed top of the range Canons. In the end I did go for a brief walk and was rewarded with a number of interesting photos including this one of the beautiful couple. The gorgeous girl was wearing current fashion attire – dark stockings and a short white dress. Her partner wore a more traditional business outfit. They’ve looked great together obviously enjoying each other’s company.

The overcast sky provided better lighting than the usual harsh midday sun. The wet pavement tiles also reflected some of this light up providing additional “fill-in” light.

Redhead crossing


In her long body hugging dress this gorgeous girl was drawing fair bit of attention from everyone. I guess it should be no surprise as she had a beautiful, sexy figure and her red hair contrasted strongly with the pastel colours of the dress. Even the man in the poster behind her seems to be looking at her.