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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Emission Trading


I wonder, if Australian government will introduce the emission trading, which is just bureaucratic speak for “you can pollute as long as you pay”. An oxymoronic approach to environment protection as there always will be polluters for whom it will pay to “purchase” the pollution quota rather then innovate and find alternative environmently friendly alternatives. This would only change if alternatives and R&D for clear energy would be cheaper than for example coal power.

Back to my photograph and its title. I see ever increasing number of smokers in the city. Now that they have been banned from restaurants, offices and pubs they smoke everywhere in the city sometimes making a nice walk a really unpleasant experience by blowing their filthy, stinking smoke all around. If the emission trading does get introduced will it cover the smokers too? I certainly hope so. A nice economic intensive to reduce tobacco smoke would be a flat $50 per packet tax.

26th of January is Australia Day


Australian of the Year Mick Dobson has suggested to change Australia Day date. Professor Dodson, a lawyer and indigenous leader, has suggested the current date of 26th of January is considered an “invasion day” to Aboriginals.

In my personal opinion there should not be any changes to the date. It is the date, which marks a beginning of Australia as a nation and a country. I am no expert but I do not believe there was a country or a nation with any form of government before that date. This is the same for hundreds of nations and countries that have been created due to both territorial expansion and adventurous discoverers for centuries before. It was the order of the day. By the way, British were not the first Europeans to land in Australia. The Dutch, Spanish and French were here before and their landings are not referred to as an invasion day.

Now, Australia is a nation with over 20 million people. A huge mix of cultural backgrounds. Regardless if you were born here or chosen to migrate here you should consider yourself to be an Australian, act as one and be proud be be one – subject to the same rights, privileges and obligations. No ifs or buts.

There is only one circumstance I can see, where the Australia Day would move to a new date. This country would have to become a republic and the day of the republic would become a new Australia Day. This however is still a very divisive issue and was defeated at the last referendum.