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Ted Szukalski

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Hafelekar Mountain, Innsbruck, Austria


Photo: Hafelekar Mountain, Innsbruck, Austria

I have never felt so much “I’m at the top of the world” as here at the Hafelekar Mountain in Innsbruck, Austria. Not because this was the highest mountain I’ve even been to, but because of the heavy cloud cover that surrounded us and unusual character to the mountain peaks. They have a clearly defined edge and it seems at times as there is nothing beyond that edge. My kids were hard at work exploring in hope to find edelweiss, the flower, which is the symbol of Austrian Tyrol and made famous by the song in the “Sound of Music” movie.

This is an inspiring place and I strongly recommend it to anyone. You do not even have to be fit as the cable car will take you almost to the very top and then it is only few meters up to the top. Looking down on Insbruck through a hole in the clouds from 2275 meters is also very rewarding.

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