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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Hunter Valley


Hunter Valley is world famous for its excellent wines. It is a major tourist attraction as it is only 2 hours drive north of Sydney. Once you there and you enjoyed your wine tasting, excellent food and serene scenery you may wander why this flat hilly land is called a valley. To find the answer to this question you need to find the right sandy road that will take up high the the surrounding hills and if you lucky you will be viewing this vast landscape with the a matching hill group far on the horizon defining the valley.

Fog over bush


Another photograph exploiting the unusual atmospheric conditions we had this morning. Thick fog over a bush at Rumbalara Reserve at Gosford. I took this photograph from a considerable distance and managed to include a street light in the shot to highlight the perspective. The fog is so thick and curved in shape – it almost looks like a giant moon raising behind the hill.

By the way this photograph almost got me in trouble with our local police. I was passing a crossing when I have noticed the view and decided to turn around and take the photograph. I drove to the next intersection with enough space to do a U-turn. As I was about to return back to the road I have noticed a mobile RBT unit few hundred meters down the road. The police officers thought I turned around to avoid the breath test and clearly were ready to chase me. Realising what has happened I waited at the intersection for them to arrive and spare myself and them the trouble. I had 0 alcohol reading so it was not an issue. Funny how some coincidental situations may look from a side.