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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

St. Andrews Cathedral monitors


I have entered St. Andrews cathedral recently and stood there very bewildered for a long while. There were LCD monitors installed on the cathedral columns. It felt so wrong. I know its 21st century and technology is everywhere but somehow these plastic LCD monitors installed on the sandstone columns looked ugly and out of place.

Sydney and Australia in general does not have a lot of old buildings. This is after all a very young country. So, scaring the very few buildings that are of historical and cultural significance with perhaps useful but otherwise ugly modern items, seems, well for a better word sacrilegious.

Dijon, Burgundy, France


Because of the distance between Geneva and Paris we knew we will need to spend a night somewhere in the middle. After traveling all day and enjoying the country side of Jura and Beugundy we have decided to stop for the night at Dijon. I have to admit the only thing I knew about the town is that there is mustard called after it. Well the mustard does not cut it here. This is a city with rich history, in fact the city is being considered by UNESCO as world heritage of mankind. Numerous old, monumental buildings proclaim its once greatness and significance in culture and history of France.

And once you are tired of exploring the city sit down in one of the many charming restaurants and enjoy a superb dinner. One note: they do not accept all international credit cards everywhere so you better check before you sit down otherwise you will be in search of a bank machine in a real hurry as I was.

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