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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Homelessness Matters


There was a group of people promoting awareness of youth homelessness in Australia. I regularly see a number of homeless people as anyone who follows my photography knows. Today I’ve learnt there is 36000 homeless young people in this country. That is a shocking statistic.

The activists who were giving out the information about this occupied 3 corners at George and Park streets. On the fourth corner I saw this young homeless man.

The Big Issue Australia


I think the description of The Big Issue from their own web site best describes what these people are doing and selling. I am not sure if there are similar magazines and programs for those in hardship in other countries but this is very commendable approach to help people help themselves.

“The Big Issue is a fortnightly current affairs and entertainment magazine that is sold on the streets of towns and cities throughout Australia by people experiencing homelessness or long-term unemployment. Vendors keep half of the cover price ($4) of every magazine they sell. It is the magazine that helps people help themselves. It is also Australia’s fastest growing magazine with readership now at 157,000 readers.” The Big Issue Australia