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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Man catching a breath


Sydney has experienced a number of very high humidity days in a row. To say that I am unfit would be an understatement of the century, never the less I take time to complete almost an hours worth of walk everyday. On these days I return to the office sweating as the proverbial pig.

On one of these humid days I stopped near QVB to watch a couple of young boys performing a dance routine. I did not consider it interesting or even snap worthy, so I took no photographs of them. The boys were highly repetitive, static on their feet … dare I say boring. (I know, who am I to criticise. At least they were doing something.)

I was about to walk away when I have noticed a young man near by, bend in half on the edge of the street curb and trying to catch his breath. Assuming from his outfit I can only guess he was running the and the heavy humid air is not an ideal environment for that. He seemed to have real problem recovering from his exercise, to the point that I made a step towards him to ask if he needs assistance. At that exact moment he straightened up and simply walked away.