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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Goat on two legs


The scrolling advertising boards on the back of the telephone boxes can provide for some very amusing combinations of people’s legs and the advertising posters. In this photograph the goat from Trading Post campaign featuring a frog on a goat aligns with legs of a human making a phone call on the other side of the billboard.

Sugar mill at Broadwater


On our way back from Queensland we were passing a little town called Broadwater, which is situated on the Richmond River south of Ballina. This is sugar cane country and the domineering feature of the landscape are the chimneys of the sugar mill. The mill started crushing sugar cane in 1881.

I have noticed that at entry point to the town it looks like the surrounding bush is equipped with these two smoking chimneys and that would make a better photo than the photograph of the mill itself. Just a little ECO visual humour.