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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Young Humpback Whale jumping out of the water


Another photograph from our whaling expedition. The young humpback whales are really playfull. They are also very curious and checked us out often.

Half way into our trip we came across a small pod of whales, which gave us a real show. The photographed humpback while performing jumps out of the water, kept doing so very close to our boat for very long time. He got tired and in the end literally placed himself on top of mum for a rest. These are not small animals and such physical activity must burn serious amounts of energy but obviously being playful is part of life for young whales.

Humpback Whale


Our whale watching expedition turned out to be exceptionally successful. We came across many Humpback Whale pods. The captain of our catamaran said that in his 17 years of running the tours he never seen whales to come that close to the boat by themselves. How close? The mum whale raised about two meters from the boat, showing her enormous size. She stood up and had a good look at as all and as unexpectedly as she appeared she vanished below the water surface. No one was ready for that. We all had long lenses on our cameras prepared to photograph them from afar.

Seeing her rise from the water I quickly zoomed out and stepped back as quickly as I could. The photograph you see here of this massive Humpback Whale is the result of that moment. Unforgeable experience.