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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Man in bloom


This is perhaps one of more colourful photographs I have taken for a while. This Asian man’s act was quite unremarkable. He stood on a plastic crate and simply roted hoopla-hoop for a while. I have passed him and only when I was going back 10 minutes later his face drew my attention. I am not sure what motivation was behind his costume but the blooming flowers contrasted strongly with his facial expressions, which were more reminiscent of a scary clown from a circus then those of a man appreciating the beautiful blooms. Also at this stage the position of hoopla-hoop seems to be means of some unnatural propulsion but that is just an odd angle of his body creating this illusion.

Man with colourful tattoo or is it?


I often photograph people that show some individual style or character. It should come as no surprise that I have photographed this man. He just finished his lunch and was busking in the sun near the International Passenger Terminal at the Circular Quay. Interesting hair do, colourful shoes and these tattoos made him an interesting subject.

I have shown this photo to my wife and straight away she said the tattoos are fake. I have enlarged the image on my screen and sure enough the tattoos are in fact a colourful shirt. How clever.