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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

On the roll


I’m having an exceptional time with my photography at the moment. Can you tell by the number of posts? Please tell me if it is too much!

Today no social or other commentary – two experiments in one:
do the photographs tell the story?
does this style of photography appeal to you as a viewer?

Both text links and thumbnails will take you to full images.

Big Windows


Go This Way


Telephoto Coward


so after a dramatic post something a lot easier to swallow.

After being called a coward by a well known photographer, Mr. Petteri Sulonen for using the telephoto lens I decided to try the other end of the focal length today.

This is a common scene in Sydney a still pose artist somewhere where tourists gather:

So, how close can you get to get a good portrait. This coward got to less than a foot away:

Full images here:
Full posture photo of a still artist in blue

Portait of the sill artist in blue