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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Aboriginal Elder Cedric – Portrait of an Urban Aborigine


Aborigines use dance traditionally as a form of expression. The dances describe aboriginal communal life, human relationships, as well as the bond of the people with the land and other people.

Modern Aboriginal artists often perform these dances in public. However, they also keep many dances secret for their sacred ceremonies.

A body painting seen on aboriginal performers relate to their customs, laws and believes and seldom are just artistic expressions.
Many Indigenous dance groups perform in order to preserve their culture and customs and to pass these to young generation.

Aboriginal Elder Cedric, Closed Eyes

Aboriginal Elder Cedric, Dreamtime

Aboriginal Elder Cedric, Hands Stretched Forward

Street Performers


“Don’t waste your film on dead structures, photograph the street live” that was the call that attracted me to this aboriginal

dijiridu player:


When I was passing him this musician from Trinidad and Tobago was playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” on steel drums:

This is a strange and difficult form of performing art: still poses. The lady could hold the pose without any obvious movement for a very, very long time: