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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

iPod curse


The weather is Sydney is less than suitable for photography thus today I’ll use a bit of recycling. This is one of my favourite photographs depicting a young and gorgeous girl submerged in her music, but at the same time isolated from the surrounding world. In fact, when I read MX it is often recommended by rail commuters to get an iPod to isolate yourself from other people who may try to talk to you or who talk aloud on her mobiles. It seems the more people there are around us the more privacy in public spaces is required. However, at one point I guess this will lead to yet another wave of social isolation. These days kids are glued to TV or their console games, they have their iPods implanted permanently to their ears. All in the name of personal entertainment. I hope they will find ways to make real friends somewhere along the line. Their hands are on automatic, texting someone every minute on their mobiles may be the only sign they do have social life.