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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Marine Sanctuary at Tomakin


Here is a photograph from Marine Sanctuary at Tomakin. A place you won’t find on any maps or tourist brochures. We have stumbled upon it while searching for a good place to snorkel. It features abundant marine life and a very steep rocky island. The island seems to be created by a violent geological activity as the visible hundreds of rock layers are position on a very sharp 70 degree plus angle to the ground. It is a bit dangerous but not impossible to climb the rock, however utmost caution is advised. It is not very high but almost vertical layers of rock are crumbling under the feet and offer little support.

I would not recommend this for snorkeling by younger children, as there is a lot of wave activity and underwater rocks present a danger for unexperienced swimmer. There are two little semi-caves for adventurous explorers, such as my son. It was a fantastic place to spend a day at close to Tomakin and yet seemingly so far from everywhere. I am not giving out an exact location but if you manage to find it, please leave it intact for the next adventurer to admire and appreciate.