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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

NSW wins 2009 Duke Trophy, a prestigious short track speed skating event for a second year in the row.


NSW has won 2009 Duke Trophy by a margin of 88 points, reflecting how close the racing this year was.

Although short track speed skating has given Australia a gold Winter Olympic Games medal courtesy of Steven Bradbury’s historic and very dramatic win in Salt Lake City 2002 the sport rarely features in the news. more

Australian Open Speed Skating Championships 2008


You may have noticed I have posted less photos in last two weeks. This is because I was very busy photographing best speed skaters in Australia. Firstly, in NSW Championships and last weekend in Australian Open Speed Skating Championships 2008. These two weekends resulted in close to 5000 photographs. Each had to be processed and tagged with competitors helmet numbers for easy search. This was a very rewarding but very tedious task.

Pictured here are (from right to left) Ben Southee (344 Australian Champion), followed by 164 Lachlan Hay and 138 Jeremy Beck.