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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

A beggar with a cup


Just outside Gloria Jeans coffee shop on the corner of Pitt and Park streets a beggar was begging on his knees with a cup from the very coffee shop. Wave after of people getting through the pedestrian crossings of both streets ignored him completely. Few hundred meters from him another beggar with couple of dogs was reading a book without paying any attention to the crowd that passed him. Unlike the kneeling’s beggar he was receiving regular donations.

It is a strange world indeed. Is it the fact that one of them had dogs that made people more generous, or was it the fact the kneeling beggar tried a touch to hard to be genuine?

Man begging on his knees in Martin Place


Begging for money is a common sight in Sydney these days. Anyone who follows my blog knows I photograph these people often, usually sitting against some wall disconnected from the world around them and hoping for a coin or two. Charity organisation warn against giving money directly to these people and donating to charities, which help the real needy. This was recently highlighted when one of the career beggars revealed he makes $50000 a year.

However, sometimes it is hard to ignore their pleas, especially as in the case of the man photographed here he kneels on the hard pavement in obvious pain and discomfort. Interestingly in this photograph almost everyone has their backs to the man and is walking away. Just a coincidence but makes the photograph a little bit stronger.