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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

You make me laugh


Today, I have read in a newspaper that the best way to girl’s heart is via laugh. And not just any laugh – girls apparently like if you make fun of yourself as apparently this proves you are not arrogant.

Well, whatever this young man said it made this girl laugh. He’s is in the know.

Wait for me


I have noticed this Asian couple just few minutes before I took this photograph. It was hard not to notice the tall girl in her bright orange dress and pearl white skin. After all this is autumn and most people wear subdued dark coloured clothing.

As they were approaching Town Hall building the man seemed to forget his partner and rushed a bit ahead thus leaving her exposed to the rain. She obviously was not impressed.

They both had biggest laugh when I have shown them the photograph. It is good to come across people who despite the lousy weather can find humour in their own situation.