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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Daredallion Week – for men’s cancer


I wasn’t sure what to think of this man, with his big grin, riding a bike straight at me in a Wonder Woman’s outfit. Sydney is full of strange people so I guessed he must be one of them. Only than I have noticed a small group of people to the left of him with a video camera. This made me realise this is either some stunt or a promotion, but there was no obvious signs as what it relates to.

One of the ladies in this group approached me while I was reviewing this photograph on the LCD of my camera and giving a small paper leaflet said “Here, you may as well know what you have photographed”. The leaflet has a web address

Now, everything was much clearer. This man was doing a dare for a very good cause: men’s cancer awareness. The girl turned around and walked away to give the leaflets to other people leaving me with a tear in my eyes. If you follow this blog you may remember my father has passed away very recently as a result of prostate cancer. So, this crazy dare is from someone with big heart underneath hopefully leading to some funds raised toward cancer research. And this post is a small thank you from to the man on the bike and the Daredallion organisers.