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Ted Szukalski

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Cheyenne Tozzi


This is a long overdue post about the girls of the Sydney Motor Show. There is no motor show without glamorous girls. My favourite this year was Lexus model Cheyenne Tozzi. In a way it is not a surprise that Lexus was able to attract an internationally model to its stand. It seems they know how to attract attention and how to utilise glamour to lure the spectators.

Cheyenne Tozzi was a very accommodating model posing casually, and flirting with the lenses of few photographers. There is no question she is an accomplished model and posing was for her like a second nature.

Australian International Motor Show – Girls and Fashion

In addition to record number or exhibited cars this year’s motor show brings high fashion and style for the audience. Pictured here is Carla Zampatti’s creation on the Lexus stand. Please visit our people gallery to see more glamour and beauty.