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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Byron Bay Lighthouse at sunset


There is no visit to Byron Bay without climbing few meters of the Cape Byron to the Lighthouse. Recommended times are sunrise and sunset.

This most easterly position lighthouse in Australia was built in 1901. It is initial light strength was measured at 145,000 cd and by 1956 when it was converted to electricity the light reached 2,200 000cd.

The lighthouse is in pristine condition and is fully operational to this day. A great piece of Australian history or a simple destination for a romantic walk in the evening or early morning for the more determined. (We did both)

Seal Rocks lighthouse


If you don’t mind a little walk and a climb of a hundred or so steps you will be rewarded by fantastic panoramic views from Seal Rock lighthouse. Stretches of the ocean with rocky islands, a very long beach and green bush are all there to be admired. There is a small set of buildings at the foot of the lighthouse but due to height difference it is difficult to photograph them together in any interesting way.