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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Against all odds


Here is a photograph I’ve taken sometime ago and than forgot all about it. A small plant growing on a shady side of an abandoned concrete bunker at Shepherds Hill Defence Group, Newcastle. I thought there was quite an interesting aspect to this scene, as the environmental restrictions here are obviously men made. The bunker bars almost symbolic reminiscence of an era when some men forgot this planet is for all of us humans and not for artificial ideals men devised to distinguish themselves from each other or dominate over others. It was a time of various “isms” trying to suppress humanism, and despite the size of propaganda, lies, wars and twisting of history the humanism prevailed and survived, like this little plant here.

Reading papers now-days we can see new “isms” increasingly appearing in daily news. We are seeing political correctness reaching absurd levels. We are seeing politicians in democratic countries introducing laws to suit their own convictions, rather than those of the public, who voted them in and expecting it is its will that should be represented. We are seeing continuous abuse of human freedoms on global scale, sometimes by states, sometimes by believe systems and increasingly even by corporations. Censorship is thriving, often induced by dollar value of an abusive trading partners, or by mobs of intolerant people, or simply by the litigious nature of modern society both privately and on corporate level.

I can only hope, there is some hidden will or value system within people that will make them withstand this wave of “isms” to keep advancing the humanity.

I apologise for this more serious post, but it is something that bothers me a lot lately. It seems that people in their “Goody Two-Shoes” frame of mind are forgetting very quickly what the “isms” led to in last 100 years.