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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Centennial Park in autumn


Together with my son we went to Centennial Park to take some photographs. The weather was rather questionable with showers and rather cloudy sky, but from time to time there was enough sunlight to get quite decent photographs. Centennial Park in autumn is very picturesque. It also very busy, with lots of people coming here for picnic, run or to cycle. We have settled for a walk trying to fond interesting and colourful scenes to photograph.

I have found a nice setting with trees and leaves, which I thought would make a nice landscape. However, no matter how long we waited there was someone always in the frame. So, I have switched my tactic and incorporated the people into the photograph. The lonely man sitting on a park bench and a young redhead in background catching some warmth from the sun nicely complemented this autumn scene.

Table for one


This photograph of a single man eating his breakfast at a restaurant was take at one of these unexpected moments, and yet it almost looks staged. We came out of a lift in a building and took a wrong turn, which lead us onto a balcony over the restaurant. Symmetrically placed tables, each with different colour table cloth looked interesting by themselves. Having a lonely man eating atone of them was an unexpected, but welcome bonus.