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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Wire figure sculptures dancing


I have passed these wire frame figures on George Street hundreds of times in last few years. I have taken numerous photos of them but they never returned a result I wanted. Just by chance I walked one day in the opposite direction and saw them in a totally new light with their long shadows on the pavement. They seemed to dance. This perceived movement is not visible at all when you approach them from the front. more

Flag poles and shadows


This photograph of poles and shadows was taken at George Street, Sydney in an early afternoon. Winter sun comes under low angle creating very long shadows. It is also a source of many challenges for the photographer, blinding you on one side or if you walk with direction of light the people working towards you either squint or close their eye – neither situation is desirable scenario for street photography. However, as shown on this photograph it makes for an interesting shadow play and silhouettes.