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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

In passing


This photograph of a girl giving a passing man a critical look is far from good in technical terms. There is motion blur as I have taken it without stopping and the light is challenging ranging from a remote bright spots to almost black holes in the building on the left. However, her expression here is priceless and I only wish I had some miracle mirror camera to see his face.



I found myself today at the sharp end of a triangle. I have noticed the girl on the phone as I passed the construction zone at the Pitt Street Mall. She was half enclosed by the construction safety tunnel and her whole front was out of it exposed to the sun. It looked a bit like the old portraits where other then the person in focus everything turns into a black void.

I took the camera and started to focus on her, when I noticed the two men on the left. From their reaction I gathered they thought I was about to photograph them. I quickly re-framed the photograph to include them in the background. The resulting image looks like a collage of two separate photographs only joined by the invisible photographer as both the men and the girl look at me at the same time.