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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Silhouettes and shadows


Typically in my street photography I try to capture people and their behaviours. This photograph is different in this regard as it focuses on light situation rather then the people in it. Strong midday sun reflected of construction boards in the Pitt Street Mall generated interesting situation where the sun threw strong shadows on the construction boards and reflected from them light generated people’s silhouettes.

Portrait of Homeless Man


Following my recent posting of Imagine no possessions digital photograph some people commented that I should have asked the homeless man to pose for the photo. Initially I knocked back the idea as I like to capture the moment – expression and situation. However, pride took better of me and I have found this man again. I have asked him for a pose and he gladly agreed. I must say I was pleasantly surprised how easy it turned out to do.

He surprised me once more just a moment later, seeing the lens pointed at him from very close (less than a metre) he looked straight into it and gave me smile.

Yes, I know the photo has big, blown regions courtesy of midday sun. Never the less I really like the way it turned out.