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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Old tree log in a creek near Minyon Falls


After a couple of days of leisure in Byron Bay we needed some time away from the beach and a bit more activity. We drove to the Nightcap National Park and followed the track to Minyon Falls. They were waterfalls only by name, as over 8 weeks without the rain meant not a simple drop of water was falling down the impressive vertical drop. The valley at the bottom of the Minyon falls looked very inviting but after referencing local guide we found that this deceptively close destination is a 7 hours walk. We did not have that much time. Instead we opted for a 2 hour return trip through the bush.

Very close from the start of our escapade and only few hundred meters from the falls I have noticed this old, fallen tree log half submerged in a pool of water, which in less dry conditions would be the creek leading to the falls. The tree’s trunk was cracked in a peculiar twisted patterns. I have found a reasonable angle to capture the log with the still water surrounding it. Monochrome treatment in Adobe Lightroom brought out the contrast of the light grey colour of the trunk and the darkness of the water.