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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Faces in the mosh pit – Rochelle Swanson


I had a very good position for photography during the Youth Week concert. Just above the mosh pit and level with the stage. This allowed me to literally take hundreds of photos of the performing artists. Between the sets I have tried to pick some interesting faces in the crowd.

One young girl with a green scarf on her head drew my attention as she seemed to have an extremly photogenic face and especially bright, blue eyes. Together with a photographer from Getty Images Mike Flokis we took a number of photos of this girl. She introduced herself as Rochelle Swanson and played a bit surprised why we picked her out of the crowd.

When I was processing her photos I decided to check her name and surprise, surprise Rochelle was a finalist in Miss Teen Australia only last year. Very cheeky Rochelle.