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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Young beggar and office workers


Recently, there was an article in the news papers covering the issue of “professional” beggars. Apparently, they can earn as much as 50 thousand dollars a year. The man in the report was saying his job is very monotonous and requires long hours.

Now, I look at this photograph of a young beggar “praying” for money in the Pitt Street and the group of young office workers passing him by. Do those young people earn 50 thousand a year? They probably studied hard, went through the university and now are finding their places in the corporate world.

Their hours are probably long too and the job not always the most interesting. However, how demoralising it must be for them to see this young man without any ambitions or will to work earning this kind of money?

Charities often warn against people like this young beggar and advise that if you feel generous you should donate the money to them. At least then the money will find its way to the truly needy.

Fading away


I see this young man begging at the corner of George and Park Street quite often. He frustrates me. He frustrates me for he is young, capable and strong. And yet he chooses to beg over getting a job. Is it drugs, alcohol or lack of self respect. Do people who drop a coin, moved by his kneeling position, help him or quite the opposite enforce his hopeless, emphatic escapism? After all, if he can get money that way why work? Why better yourself? You know work is monotonous, requires discipline and it takes a largo portion of your time away.