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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Tibouchina petals on garden steps


It is not often that I take photographs in my own garden. I simply do not find it all that inspiring despite it being quite varied and lush. Today, as I was making myself a cup of tea I have looked through the kitchen window to see what our dogs were up to. There were asleep getting warm in the morning sun.

What drew my real attention was our garden steps covered in petals of Tibouchina tree nicely lit by the sunlight. Their violet or magenta, if you prefer, colour nicely contrasted by deep green of nasturtium leaves. It just looked very pretty.

Before work


As I took this photograph of a man soaking in the morning sun on a bench at Martin Place I have noticed that he did not seem to enjoy it. Perhaps he works in the finance industry and was expecting a hard day at work.

The local share market plunged 4.3% today wiping more than $60 billion in value off the market.