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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Jazz Band in Morpeth


Morpeth is one of these towns where time seemed to stop a long time ago. This gives it a very unique character and draws a lot of visitors, who either want to browse its shops for some old wares, old fashioned lollies or simply relax. If it wasn’t for the cars on the main road you’d be forgiven you have moved back in time. A feeling which today for example was emphasised by the music of the Dixieland jazz band.

Under a bridge in Morpeth


The sign before the bridge in Morpeth says “Only one heavy vehicle at a time”. The old wooden construction provides a visible clue this sign should be obeyed. Now, if you actually go under the bridge and view its support structure you will be inclined even more to do so. It is very old, rusted and it does not seem to receive a lot of maintenance. Never the less it has a lot of character.