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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Fuel crisis – a motorcycle future?


During seventies when the first major fuel crisis occurred many people switched their means of transport to motorcycles and scooters. They take far less fuel and are easier to park as they simply occupy less space. And in the city where most people travel to work by themselves it would make a perfect sense as opposite of bringing in your family sized sedan or 4WD (SUV).

With fuel prices setting new records now on weekly basis could this trend occur again? Well, if you look at this photograph of a long row of parked motorcycles you will know it has already started. Only few months ago you would see perhaps a third of these bikes in this particular location. more

Motorcycle Speedway Racing


I have never seen Motorcycle Racing from up close so a race at a local speedway was a perfect opportunity to see what it is all about. Well, it is certainly about speed, competition and a lot of dirt thrown around. The racers featured riders from 14 years and up. Almost every race the organisers reminded people to keep the distance from certain areas and how paramount the safety is. It was semi dark and the distance from public stands to actual track was considerable thus my 70-200mm lens was really being tested for reach. This is the best photo I’ve managed on the night.

In the very next race after the top photograph was taken a tragedy struck. A racer came out of the second high speed corner straight into the wall. He lay on the dirt motionless for what seem like eternity before anyone got to him. The race was naturally red flagged and an ambulance called for as the paramedics suspected major lower back injury. I hope it’s not the case.

Here is a portrait of one of the fellow racers, who after leaving the track looked bewildered and concerned at his racing rival laying on the track in the remote end of the speedway. These guys race hard against each other, but otherwise I could see great camradery in the paddock.