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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Beautiful, tall girl


As much as Australia is a multicultural country with people originating from all over the world, the fact is we do not see a lot of people of African origin here. Thus it was not hard to spot this stunning, tall girl in the middle of the Pitt Street Mall. I must say I was a bit mesmerised by her stunning features for a moment – for a moment too long perhaps, as she has noticed me and the photo looks a little less then natural.

Scottish dance


Australia is a very multicultural country. There is no question the English, Irish and Scottish emigrants dominate the national mix, but this is changing. Greece and Italy is strongly represented and in the recent migration waves Asian and Arabic nations are strongly visible too.

Sometimes this cultural mix creates issues but for most of the time people here leave in relative harmony.

This photograph of Scottish Dance performed by young girls at Martin Place was part of tribute to Scottish heritage in Australia. Lots of dancing, kilts and pipers around.