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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Lunchtime read


In contrast to a post from few days showing men working at a cafe during lunch this young office worker obviously appreciates a bit of break from work. Absorbed by reading a book he seems to be totally unaware of the people in the eatery. Notice, that although he is dressed immaculately in a nice suit and white shirt – he has taken his tie off to make himself more comfortable.

Lunchtime work


This windows scene from a local Cafe is quite common. People meeting for lunch to do … more work. My walks through city and photographic “adventures” are deliberate escapes from work, letting me relax and take my mind of work at least for a while. I get some badly needed exercise at the same time. I guess some lunchtime work is unavoidable, but it almost seems pointless to leave the office just to keep working. I think I work better if I have a bit of time to relax in the middle of the day.