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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Reflection of a parking lot


Here is a photographs I have captured at a shopping centre in Docklands. One of the passages opened up to a parking lot below and office buildings surrounding it. The parking lot with lots of colourful cars was reflected upon many tiles of a glass façade of one of the buildings creating an interesting view. I wish I had a bit more direct view, so the perspective would not be skewed but I liked this capture never the less.

Finger-licking good


There are certain streets in Sydney where I hardly ever have an opportunity for a street photograph. They are either poorly attended by people or do not contain enough businesses or office buildings or both. The section Clarence Street between Market Street and King Street is one of these spots. To my surprise on this day I was in luck. There was a young woman sitting on the pavement licking her fingers looking forward somewhere perhaps waiting for someone. She was very casual about it, actually too casual for my liking as she effectively closed more than half of the walk way.