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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



I have watched a very depressing program on the subject of fuels. Unlike the photographed here Solar Sailer catamaran which draws energy from the sun the subject matter was fuel for road transport. Everyone acknowledged the oil deposits are at their end and soon only the richest people will be able to use it for propulsion. Experts are predicting prices reaching $3.5 per litre in just next few years. At the same time alternative fuels such as Hydrogen and LPG are simply either not produced in high enough numbers or are meeting with public rejection as slow and poor substitute for current petrol based engines. Electric cars simply do not have the capacity to replace the car as they are limited to about 60km a day. Hybrid cars can travel for about 400km but their price is at least double for the same quality/size car in comparison to petrol based ones. The fuel crisis is here but the technology to replace it is not.