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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Driftwood at Fraser Island


On a low tide I went for a lengthy walk along the western side of the Fraser Island. The island is covered in countless driftwood from fallen trees. Most of them are unremarkable pieces of timber but many present some unique artistic valours.

This kind of photographs is almost exclusive to black and white, as the key elements here are textures, light and shapes. The timber by itself is gray, bleached by the ocean and dried by the sun on low tide. It can be dangerous for swimmers and as I found out for people kayaking around too. One of these protruding old trees forced us to make a maneuver, which landed my crew in the ocean. I lost my glasses, which luckily for me were recovered later by a nameless stranger on low tide and returned to the resort. I think it was my lucky day.