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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Is this man thinking worrying or is he just asleep?


Today, again was a very hot day in Sydney. I opted for a short walk through Martin Place. I was about to turn around and find a shady path to the office when I spotted this older man sitting at one of the stair openings of Sydney Post Office building. It was hard to see if he was asleep, was he just deep in thoughts or perhaps he was worrying about something. I took a quick photograph and walked away.

Man in big sandals and funny beanie


I have spotted this older man sitting on a Pitt Street Mall bench and looking absently forward. His funny beanie was instantly noticeable and a lot of people had a good look at him as they were passing him by. I got closer to the bench the man was sitting on, only to notice another element adding to his character – a pair of sandals, which looked as they were 5 sizes to big. The men made no notice of me approaching him and taking a photograph. He just kept looking forward.